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Health Benefits of Oolong Tea
Does it promote health?

Reports summarizing the health benefits of green tea state that polyphenols are the primary active ingredient in tea. Conclusions on the study of polyphenols (and other active ingredients in significantly less amounts including flavonols, vitamin C, vitamin B6, carotene, saponia, fluoride, zinc, selenium, magnesia.) found in tea report the following effects:
(The Chunichi-shinbun, Japan 1990)

  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Kills influenza virus
  • Inhibits increase of blood pressure
  • Reduces tumors
  • Inhibits increase of blood sugar
  • Reduces mutations
  • Fights carcinogenic bacteria
  • Prevents halitosis
  • Reduces Oxidation (Antioxidant)
  • Elevates Spirits

It's a tall list, and the evidence accumulating from scientific research is rapidly attracting the attention of health practitioners and the public eye.

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In traditional Chinese culture, the ubiquitous statement regarding the health benefits of tea is that it "improves digestion". And in the holistic understanding of Chinese medicine, this statement could include most of the factors listed above. Any long-term tea drinker will tell you from experience that drinking tea improves the quality of one's life on many levels. Conduct your own research, and find out personally how tea can enrich your life.

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